The relationship of copy editors to writers is a crucial link to producing the news. Research this topic and comment on methods that would strengthen this relation.



  1. One of the main roles of a copy editor is to actually be a reporter. Most, if not all, copy editors have had experience in reporting stories before, which enables them to understand the challenges that reporters face in the field. The more that editors experience and understand reporters, the more easier it will be to connect with reporters.
    One way to continue to be in contact with reporters is to ask for any opinions about articles publish and future story ideas. Journalists appreciate being able to have their voices heard through their media organization; this opportunity gives them the sense of being an important contribution in the workplace. Receiving ideas from reporters also gives editors personal information and interests of their reporters, which allows for a personal connection to be established. This method allows reporters to feel as if they belong, not just as if they are general day laborers.
    Another trait in the editor-reporter relationship is for editors to keep track of the reporters and the stories that they write. When the reporters know that they have some sort of support system behind them when working on stories, it makes them feel more secure in completing their tasks. If a reporter is at a dead end with a story, the editor has to help the reporter and decide how the situation can be taken care of, not just blame the reporter for the incident. When making these decisions the editor also has to be respectful of the reporter and the work done; continuing this process will cause less negative tension between these two types of people.

    Comment by Alesha Bailey — October 12, 2009 @ 2:39 pm

  2. Copy editors and writers go hand and hand. Some issues could arise such as miscommunication, lack of understanding each other, and more. A copy editor must think as a writer and a writer must think as a copy editor. This is one crucial concept they both must adopt to strengthen their relationship. If they both have a sense of what each other do on each end, it will help with any confusion, miscommunication, or other problems that may arise. It’s easy to say a copy editor must think like a reporter/writer, but if the reporter/writer doesn’t think like a copy editor, it can cause issues. In addition, if a reporter/writer could think like a copy editor, it could help them become better writers. If they can catch their own mistakes and tighten up their writing like a copy editor, it will have them moving up the ranks. A copy editor has been a writer/reporter before, so they have a leg up in knowing and understanding the position. So, it will give them a sense of empathy which is greatly needed in this relationship. If they two people can understand each other’s work ethic and comprehend how each one operates, it will be a fantastic relationship.

    Comment by lamarhreporter — October 12, 2009 @ 8:38 pm

  3. Many people think reporters writer and copy editors copy, but they are sadly mistaken. Both people intertwine and help each other in the news process. First off their relationship is crucial in delivering good hard news. The writer goes and interviews and finds the angle of the story while the copy editor can help research and the the writer along. Like the 20 hats of an editor article said that the editor does 20 jobs. To name a few, they are a babysitter, a humorist, and a coach. The editors and writers should have a professional relationship as well as a friendship. To make this relationship better, both the copy editor and the writer need to be on the same page on all aspects of the story. First, they need to make she the angle of the story makes sense. Also, the editor need to check up on the reporter to make sure they are doing well with the story so the story can publish on time. Keeping a positive attitude towards the reporter can also help because the newsroom can become pretty intense.

    Comment by Kristin Jording — October 13, 2009 @ 10:52 am

  4. Copy editors and writers have to work together in order for news stories to get to the public. Writers research and write stories and copy editors look the writer’s stories over and edit the stories so they can go to print. Without this copy editor and writer relationship, news wouldn’t be produced as much. It would be a lot harder for the news to get to the world if copy editors and writers didn’t work together. A big method that would strengthen the copy editor and writer relationship is communication. If copy editors and writers stay in contact with each other about stories then miscommunication would happen less. When miscommunication happens less then less errors will be made in stories. This would help lessen the retractions papers have to make. Another method that would help would be if the copy editors where in contact with the writer’s story contacts to make sure quotes and facts are correct.

    Comment by slbilharz — October 13, 2009 @ 6:11 pm

  5. The relationship between copy editors and reporters should be a good healthy relationship. The one needs the other to make a story the best it can be. The reporters need the copy editors to make sure their stories are accurate and also that there are not simple mistakes like spelling errors. Also, a copy editor needs a reporter to not only give them work but to let them feel as important as they really are. To build on a copy editor and reporters relationship they should become friends. They need to be able to talk to each other and ask each other for advice. If they hang out outside of work and ask for advice and talk about things in their lives then they will feel more comfortable talking at work. Like any relationship a copy editor and reporter rely on communication and cannot be afraid to tell each other that they think something is wrong and needs to be changed. Another thing copy editors and reporters could do to build a relationship is help each other along the way. If a copy editor knows a good source or something they should let the reporter know. Being able to help each other builds a relationship of trust which is important. If the reporter does not trust the copy editor they may second guess the corrections made on their story. Basically like any relationship reporters and copy editors need to have communication and trust.

    Comment by Beth Steele — October 14, 2009 @ 5:47 pm

  6. Copy editors play such a HUGE role in news. They are the last ones to see the final product, and having a good relationship with the reporter is an ever bigger role they need to play. Trust, loyalty and respect are three things that, at any point, can always be increased and sent to another greater meaning. Trust, to make sure that the copy editor does not make any crucial changes that the reporter dislikes, loyalty must always accompany trust and then respect because you have to have respect among anything else. Copy editors should never be afraid to make changes, it is their job and with the changes, the reporters writing can dramatically increase and be more newsworthy. Therefore, as a result, those three main bullet points are the three characteristics that all copy editors and reports should have in common.

    Comment by Colleen — October 15, 2009 @ 8:11 pm

  7. A copy editor must know his or her writers very well. The copy editor must know the writing style of the writers that helps a lot. Also knowing the common mistakes your writers make is also helpful. A copy editor must be seen as someone that writers can approach for help and not be scared off. Copy editors job can be a lot easier if he or she knows the writers, and if they talk to each other often. The writer should ask for help if he needs to and then the editor would not have to correct these mistakes. A copy editor and the writer should have a close relationship but they should also keep it professional.

    Comment by Michael Stopka — October 16, 2009 @ 2:43 pm

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